Crypto chip Forum held in Beijing, China boosted China's smart grid development

With the wide spread of the smart grid in China, have implemented all over the country the smart grid program. Based on this background, guarantees information security of the smart grid construction and stability also becomes an important aspect. The Forum aims to promote the development of encryption technology innovation at the same time, strengthen the password chip experts contact your corporate communication and intelligence exchange on both sides under the impact, generating new innovative ideas, promoting the development of intelligent network password chips made in China.

The Forum focused on the wisdom of experts, Forum report also covers a new public-key cryptography research, crypto chip information leak analysis of trends and progress, electric application password chip design key technology research, based on password chip password in smart grid technology, the power of trusted computing applications, passwords, chip technology and discussion on application of electric power and other fields. Forum password chip general study about application in power industry, new ideas, new ideas emerge. For our crypto chip industry offers a variety of new choices, while further promoting the development of localization of a cipher chip of smart grid in China.