Direction of development of the smart grid

Green energy-saving awareness drive, Smart grids all over the world to develop an area of focus.

Smart grid is a network, is a self healing, active participation of consumers, can recover from the attacks and natural disasters in a timely manner, to accommodate all generation and energy storage, to accept new products, services and markets, optimize asset utilization and operational efficiency, provide power quality for the digital economy.

Built on integration of the smart grid, high-speed bi-directional communication networks on the basis, aimed at using advanced sensors and measurement technology, advanced equipment, advanced control methods, as well as advanced technologies of decision support system, power system, reliable, safe, economic, efficient, environment-friendly and safe and efficient operation.

Its development was a gradual evolution, it is a radical change, is the outcome of joint development of existing and new technologies, in addition to network and smart meters, but also full of the broader scope.

Construction of UHV power grid backbone frame, coordinated development of power at all levels, information and automation, interaction characterized by strong smart grid, improve network security, economy, flexibility and interactivity, strong is the base, intelligence is the key.