Smart grid needs equipment

Core mainframe computers are the key technologies of the smart grid, similar to China's Galaxy, Hua Guang Ultra-Mega-computer. Principle of the smart grid is very simple, that is, depending on the situation (also based on historical data) real-time dynamic allocation of each power line energy, achieve optimal distribution programmes to reduce the consumption of energy. So transportation of equipment to have nothing special, now the power of each transformer with the data interface can be immediate feedback from a variety of data, each large, substations are networked control.

So the core is actually a supercomputer, smart grid needs a strong rapid computer data system real-time analysis of each network's temperature, power, load, each transformer load as well as a community of real-time energy consumption and consumption is expected to adjust each transformer, the power grid to achieve maximum energy utilization. So you'll find computers developed national grid of high intelligence. United States alone, the world's only country really achieve national grid smart, he is a a small transformer in the town can have an impact on the national power grid. Japan due to the diversification of energy supply, wind energy, solar energy and send energy to the power grid. Japan's smart grid with a 24-hour weather forecasts and monitoring, maximum use of natural green energy. And, according to solar, wind, tidal and actual energy consumption to power off, switch on the coal or fuel oil power station.