Smart grids vital significance

(1) strong resource allocation capability. Smart grid in China when completed, will achieve great hydropower, coal power, nuclear power, large-scale renewable energy across regional, long distance and large capacity, low loss, high efficiency transmission, regional power exchange capacity has improved significantly.

(2) with a higher level of security and stability. Power system security, stability, and reliability will be increased substantially, close coordination between grid lines at all levels, have the ability to withstand emergencies and disaster can effectively avoid the occurrence of large cascading failures, significantly improve the reliability of power supply, reducing power losses.

(3) the adaptation and to promote clean energy development. Grid with wind turbine power prediction and modeling, low voltage ride through and the active and reactive power control unit control mechanisms such as regulation, combined with the application of large capacity energy storage technology, clean energy grid operation control capabilities will be significantly improved, making clean energy more economical, efficient and reliable energy supply.

(4) the dispatching of highly intelligent. Build horizontal integration and vertical through the technical support system of intelligent dispatching and carry out on-line intelligent analysis, early-warning and decision-making, as well as all kinds of new generation and transmission equipment and efficient regulation and lean control of AC and DC hybrid power grid.

(5) meet the service requirements of electric cars and other new power user. Will form a perfect electric vehicle charge infrastructure network, and meet the development needs of the electric car industry, meet the needs of users to achieve interaction between electric vehicles and power efficient.

(6) achieving network efficient use and life-cycle management of assets. Grid infrastructure can be achieved within the life-cycle management. Through the smart grid scheduling and demand-side management, network asset utilization hours increased, grid asset use efficiency improved significantly.

(7) convenient interaction between power users and network. Will form a smart power platform, improving the demand-side management, to provide users with quality electric service. Meanwhile, power grids may use distributed power, smart meter, tou power price policy and electric vehicle charging and discharging mechanisms, effectively balance the load and reduce the difference between peak and Valley load, reduce the cost of construction of power grids and power.

(8) power system management information and lean. Will form a communications network system that covers all aspects of grid and carry out integrated data management, operation and maintenance of information regulation, grid spatial information services as well as production and scheduling features such as application integration, the full realization of grid management informatization and lean.

(9) play a value-added service potential of grid infrastructure. In tandem with electric power, serving their country, "triple play" strategy, by providing a community advertising, integrated services such as IPTV, voice, for water, heat, gas, and industry information, interactive provides a platform to support and expand the range of value-added services and upgrading the power grid infrastructure and capacities, promoting intelligent city development.

(10) promoting the rapid development of power-related industries. Electric power industry is capital-intensive and technology-intensive industries, has a large investment and a long industry chain and so on. Building the smart grid, promote equipment manufacturing industries such as information and communication technology upgrades, occupying world vantage point in electric power equipment manufacturing in China to lay the Foundation.