Under the energy Internet era, new opportunities for smart grid development

Energy technology of the Internet as a source of energy and depth of integration of Internet technology and thinking, is the realization of the energy technology revolution for energy environment and provide effective support for the sustainable development and healthy economic growth. Next, build a global energy power grid construction and trend of the development of the Internet.

The smart grid is an important direction of development of the world grid. Massive new energy grid needs a strong smart grid as a reliable basis, renewable intermittent volatility of uncertain factors, such as the challenge to the stability of the power system, through the development of a smart grid, use of advanced automation technology, control technology and energy storage technologies, including wind and solar, to achieve the various energy resources to accurately predict and control improved. Supporting large-scale smart grid clean energy development, adaptation to diverse user needs, achieving fault self-recovery, improved running economy are significant advantages, laid the groundwork for global development of intelligent energy Internet. Energy Internet as the background of the smart grid will again ushered in a new historical opportunity for development.