Outdoor Voltage Transformers

Outdoor Voltage Transformers
Product Details

JZW-10 type voltage transformer

Type designation

Technical data:

· The product performance is in accordance with GB1207 and IEC60044-2 standards 

· Rated insulation level 12/42/75 kV

· Rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz

· Ambient temperature –25℃~+40℃

· Altitude: Up to 1000m above sea level

· Outdoor device

Rated voltage ratio (kV)

Accuracy-grade combination

Rated output (VA)

Thermal limit output (VA)










Note: If the user’s required data is different from the above-mentioned scope, it can be negotiated to solve the problem 

Overall dimensions:


When there’s current get through the primary winding of current transformer, the secondary winding shouldn’t be open circuit; otherwise there would be high voltage generated, which is harmful or have impact on personal security and product performance. 

Repeated power frequency voltage-withstand test, should be taken at the 85% of stipulated test voltage value.

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