Busbar Current Transformers

Busbar Current Transformers
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LMDZ-10 Busbar Type Current Transformer

General description:

LMDZ-10 Busbar Type Current Transformer is suitable for measurement, metering and protection of 10kV AC power system. It is widely used in compact metal seal switch cabinets because of its small volume, light weight and convenient installment. The bus can cross the current transformer through its internal poles, therefore the joint points of the bus and the corresponding fault points become less. It can be widely used in not only metal seal switch equipments such as XGN, KYN, TPS, ABB-ZS and so on, but also the combined substation current measurements and the current protection of capacitor complete equipments

Its accuracy is high since that high quality silicon steel sheet metal slug with very high magnetic permeability as transmit magnetism material are used. Furthermore, its core and secondary windings are vacuum poured by high quality epoxide resin which has the characteristic of moisture proof, good insulating property and dispensing with maintenance.

Type designation:

Type code:

Product code:

Technical data:

Rated frequency:                 50Hz or 60Hz

Rated secondary current:          5A or 1A

Rated short-time thermal current:   40kA,1s

Rated continuous thermal current:  120%In

Power-frequency withstand voltage:  3KV , 1min

Instrument security factors:         FS≤10

Application conditions:

Ambient temperature:             -25 ℃-+40℃

Average day temperature:         ≤40℃

Altitude:                         ≤3000m

Pollution level:                    III

Product overview:

Type code

Product code

Dimensions (mm)

Primary current(A)















All kinds of current transformers of different specifications and parameters can be made according to the client’s demands.

Wiring diagrams:

Single winding                             Double windings

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