Compared With The Existing Power Grid, Smart Grid Reflects The Power Of Highly Integrated Flow, Information Flow And Business Flow Characteristics

Advanced and main advantages are:

(1) has a strong grid system and technical support system, protects against all types of external interference and attacks, able to adapt to a large access of clean and renewable energy, grid strong consolidated and promoted.

(2) information technology, sensor technology, automatic control technology and the integration of grid infrastructure, gets a panoramic view of the grid information, detect, foresee the possibility of failure. When a failure occurs, power can quickly isolate faults, self recovery, so as to avoid blackouts.

(3) flexible AC/DC transmission, network coordination, intelligent scheduling, power storage, extensive application of distribution automation technology, enables more flexible power grid operation control, economy, and can accommodate a large number of distributed generation, micro-grid and electric vehicle charging and discharging facilities access.

(4) communications, information and the application of modern management techniques, will greatly enhance the efficiency in the use of power equipment, reducing power loss, making the operation more economical and efficient.

(5) the highly integrated real-time and non-real-time information, sharing and utilization management shows comprehensive, complete and precise grid operations of State diagrams, and can provide decision support, control of implementation of programmes and plans.

(6) establish a two-way interactive service model, users can learn in real time power supply, power quality, price and power outage information, reasonable arrangements for electrical use to get detailed information for users of electric power enterprise, to provide more value-added services.