Smart Grid Background

Strong smart grid development in the world is still at the initial stage, there is no precise definition of a common, and its technology can be broadly classified into four areas: advanced measurement system of smart grid, advanced distribution, high transmission and high asset management. Senior volume measuring system main role is authorized to user, makes system with load established up contact, makes user can support grid of run; senior distribution run core is online real-time decision command, target is disaster control, achieved big area chain fault of prevention; senior transmission run main role is stressed blocked management and reduced mass stopped shipped of risk; senior assets management is in system in the installation large can provides system parameter and equipment (assets) "health" status of senior sensor, And to collect real-time information and resource management, modeling and simulation, process integration, and improve the operation and efficiency of the power network. Smart grid is the important application of the Internet of things, the smart grid to the published in the journal of computer information systems architecture research of emotions for this is discussed in detail, and the smart grid information system architecture.