Smart Grid Development Trend

Construction is based on China's smart grid energy distribution load to dissolve regional nature and adapt to current and future social development grid development mode, the different forms of energy, particularly large-scale wind and solar power into and out of the adaptability to achieve large-scale and efficient allocation of energy resources. Smart grid construction in China has to a national strategic level height. Construction of intelligent substation is a strong smart grid energy conversion and control one of the core platform, still a good prospect.

Smart grid development opportunities and challenges for the wire and cable industry, smart grid category wide opportunities of the larger, this environment be considered intelligent cable, it will be a process of ebb.

The smart grid in the current academic level there is no uniform definition of members ' understanding of the smart grid is convergent. Smart grid is based on the power flow and information flow for main line, power system, including generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, electricity, scheduling solutions for all aspects of the overall system. He said smart grid construction has entered a new stage, coming a long way for smart grid development, and more emphasis on smart grid, smart grid network in the future economic benefits and data value.

Development of the smart grid for the wire and cable industry brought many opportunities and challenges, it will be a process of ebb. Needs through the entire process technology products, business models, development strategies of creative transformation.

Smart grid involving wide opportunities of the larger. Transmission networks, distribution networks, users, distributed energy applications, solar energy, distributed wind power cable used in the field, in the environment of the smart grid, the third industrial revolution will be information and renewable energy, distributed application integration technology development as part of wires and cables required for intelligent consideration.