Smart Grid Market Share

Smart grid is a huge and historic works. Many complex smart grid project is underway, but the gap remains huge. For smart-grid technology providers, faced the challenge of promoting the development of distribution network system upgrade, distribution automation and power network transport, Smart grids and smart meters. According to Pike research agency's latest report, smart grid technology market will grow from $ 33 billion in 2012 to 2020 to 73 billion dollars, 8 years, the market reached us $ 494 billion.

Smart grid concept originated in United States, in 2008 a new United States President Barack Obama took office after the release of the report on the progress of the economic recovery plan, United States Government announced plans within the next 3 years, to invest more than 4 billion dollars to promote grid modernization, its core content is used for information, digital, automatic and interactive.

In 2009, the State grid Corporation first announced the "smart grid" development plan, will be completed in the year 2020 smart power grids. Among them, the 2009-2010 is planning a pilot phase, focusing on strong smart grid development plan, develop the technical and management standards, key technology and equipment development, carrying out all aspects of the pilot. 2011-2015 is a comprehensive construction phase, will accelerate the construction of UHV power grid and rural-urban distribution network, the initial formation of smart grid operation control and interactive service system, key technologies and equipment to achieve a major breakthrough and widely used. 2016-2020 is leading the lifting phase, will complete the building of a unified, strong and smart grid, reached the international advanced level of technology and equipment.

Figures released by national grid, in the total investment in the three stages of development planning is expected to exceed 4 trillion, the first phase (2009-2010) is expected to invest 550 billion yuan; second phase (2011-2015) is expected to invest 2 trillion yuan the third stage (2016-2020) is expected to invest 1.7 trillion yuan. Data show that in power grid construction, intelligent-68 billion yuan investment will go up to 66 billion yuan, making power need a strong IT support, smart grid will become the power industry needs new sources of growth. It would be expected that in the "Twelve-Five" period, specializing in smart grid information technology software outsourcing companies will benefit, and rapid development.