Cable Fault Indicators

Cable Fault Indicators
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The fault indicators are installed on the overhead lines, power cables, or installed in the electrical power units(EPU) such as pad-mounted transformers, Ring Main Units(RMU), cable branch units, etc., which indicate the emergence, branch and section of fault by detecting the fault current. When the fault of line occurs, patrol staff can determine the fault section and find out the fault point immediately by indicator’s alarm display. The indicators with communication function can achieve fault information remote transmission and automatic fault positioning, to constitute the fault automatic positioning system.

Fault Searching Method

When the line occurs short circuit or earth-fault, all the fault indicators installed between the substation outlet and fault point in the faulty line flop or flash, while the indicators installed in non-fault outlet, non-fault circuit branch and lines after the fault point don’t act. In this way, the operating staff, who start from the transformer substation and check along the faulty line, would find the fault occurrence zone which is between the last acting fault indicator and the first non-acting fault indicator, thus they would ascertain the faulty section, branch line and point rapidly.

Illustrative Diagram

Cable System diagram:

EKL series Panel type fault indicators

Product Selection


Fault display

Power supply mode

Transmission mode



Current acquisition

local indicator


Short circuit, Grounding
Short circuit non 

separated phase

Lithium battery

Optical fiber

Dry contact


indicating lamp


Short circuit, grounding

Lithium battery

Optical fiber (phase sequence)
Shielded cable (zero sequence)

Dry contact


indicating lamp


Short circuit, grounding

Lithium battery

Dry contact


indicating lamp

DJGI series Panel-type fault indicators

Type Designation

DJGI series product model function table note 1

Product model

Single path

Dual path

Liquid crystal

485 communication

Current measurement

Temperature measurement

External power supply

Current sensor  Note1

Current transformer Note2



Same as EKL4








Note 1: All models have LED alarm and alarm dry contact output, manual / remote / automatic reset and other functions, which are all equipped with batteries.
Note 2: When selecting, please choose current sensor or current transformer.

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