CT Powered Feeder Protection Device

CT Powered Feeder Protection Device
Product Details

PSW101 universal CT powered protection device


PSW101 universal CT powered protection device is a 10KV feeder protection device which has the function of over current, fast breaking protection and grounding protection according to the use of domestic users. With the use of standard current transformer, power supply is obtained by CT from the current line. Current quick-break protection, over current protection and grounding protection can be realized by driving the tripping coil so as to achieve low power without auxiliary power supply. The device, which not only saves the cost of the manufacturer, but also increases the stability of the system, solves the problem of the life of the conventional power supply battery so as to achieve the maintenance free. 

PSW101 especially suitable for medium voltage power distribution system breaker cabinet and boundary load switch, constitutes a protection system with the special standard current transformer and trip coil (24 v). Safe and reliable, life can be up to 25 years.


· Using the CT powered technology, no external power supply, low cost, long period of maintenance- free;

· Support the definite-time of over current protection, fast break protection, earth protection and inverse-time over current protection, the setting of protection value is flexible;

· With zero sequence current sampling terminal, the zero sequence current transformer can be connected, and judgment of single phase to ground fault is more accurate;

· With USB port, can update the program through USB port;

· Adjusting all constant value by DIP switch or PDA hand held terminal;

· With the gateway interface and gateway interface, easy to trip and confirm of the emergency;

· With emergency tripping from distant AC220V.

· Can set the parameters directly, the operation is simple.

Technical data

Basic data

Rated power


AC return-circuit overload ability

2.5times  Iemax  Long-term
     50kA         0.3s
     20kA         3s

Storage temperature


Working temperature


Tripping energy


Trip output voltage


Average power consumption



Action time

Fixed time-limit:Set value ±3%Absolute value ±20ms
     Inverse time-limit: Set value ±5%

Protective current

Over-current, quick-break protective action current: set value ±3%
     Grounding protective current:Set value ±3%

Insulation test

Frequency withstand voltage

1min 2kV,50Hz

Impulse withstand voltage


Insulation resistance


Electromagnetic compatibility test

EMC immunity test level

GB/T 14598.13-2008  3 Class

Electrostatic discharge test

GB/T 14598.14-2010  4 Class
     Contact discharge  8kV
     Air discharge 15kV

Radiated electromagnetic field disturbance test

GB/T 14598.9-2010  3 Class

Fast transient interference test

Power supply,power input±2kV,2.5kHz
     Other inputs and outputs±2kV, 5kHz
     GB/T 14598.10-2010  B Class

Environmental test

High temperature test

+55℃ 16h

Low temperature test

-25℃ 16h

Storage test

+70℃ 96h,-25℃ 96h

Mechanical test

Vibration test

Vibration response:10…150Hz,0.035mm/0.5g
     Vibration endurance:10…150Hz,1g

Impact test conform to

Impact response 15g,Pulse three times in all directions

Collision test

10g,1000 times collisions in all directions

Parameter tuning table

Over current protection current setting

Over current setting value is set by the 1-8 bit of the first set of code switching, which defines the current value of the over current protection current setting value. The relationship between the over current setting and the setting value of the dial switch can be expressed as follows: I>= (DIP set +1) x10A. Can set the current size range of 10A~2560A. The setting value of 1-8 for DIP is 20-27. Current value can be accumulated. 

For example: 1, 3, and 6 bits are allocated to ON bit, the set current value is: (20+22+25+1) x10A=380A.

Fast breaking protection current setting

Setting of the 1-4 bit setting of the second set of sets of code switching, the 4 bit code defines the multiple relationship between the setting value of the fast breaking protection and the over current setting value, and can be set up by the value of the speed breaking current. The corresponding relation between the position state of the code and the value of the fixed value:

Zero sequence protection current setting

Zero sequence current setting value is set by second sets of 5-8 bits. The value of zero sequence current can be defined as a value of zero sequence current of 10-160A, and the current value can be accumulated. Dial position correspondence with the fixed value is shown: 

Setting of the time constant value of the zero sequence protection and the setting of the anti 

time limit acceleration factor

When the protection characteristics of the device are time limited (the specific setting method 5.1.7), the state of the third set of the code switch determines the time setting value of the over current and zero sequence protection, the value can be expressed as: I>= (DIP set +1) x50ms. Among them, the DIP set value depends on the value of the 8 bit binary code corresponding to the bit binary code corresponding to the code switching state. Setting range of protection time is 50ms~12.8S.

When the protection characteristics of the device are the inverse time protection, the state of the third sets of the code switch determines the size of the inverse time acceleration factor A, the value can be expressed as: a= (DIP set +1) x0.05. Acceleration factor setting range is 0.05~12.8.

Protection time characteristic curve

The time limit for the protection of the device is set by the 1-3 bit of the fourth set of code, which can set the time limit and the time limit of 7 kinds of anti time limit. The relationship between the protection of the time limit characteristic curve and the code is shown in the following diagram:

Other settings

Through fourth sets of 4-6 bits, can be set up to protect the function of flow protection, quick break protection function and zero sequence protection function, when the code is in the OFF position, the corresponding protection function, when the code is in the ON position, the corresponding protection function to exit. The seven dial setting of zero sequence current is calculated, when dial switch in the off position, zero sequence current by three-phase current synthesis, when dial switch is in the on position, zero sequence current input provided directly by the zero sequence current transformer (ratio of 100 / 1). The 8-bit dial setting depending in the access phase sequence current transformer turns ratio selection, when the current transformation ratio of 1000:1, need the dial switch to the off position; when the current transformation ratio of 200:1, need the dial switch is placed in the on position. You dial the above definition is shown

Wiring diagram

Strictly prohibit:S1, S2 terminal, S3 (C), S4 (D) terminal is short.

Device structure

The device is made of flame retardant plastic shell, which is cast in epoxy resin, and the protection is not influenced by external environment.

Device size:168*123*41; Fixed hole :3*Φ7

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