TTU301 Smart Distribution Transformer Terminal Unit

TTU301 Smart Distribution Transformer Terminal Unit
Product Details


The TTU301 is installed in the station area of pole mounted transformer, which has the functions of power distribution, energy metering, reactive power compensation, three-phase load unbalance management, and the automatic measurement, acquisition, protection, monitoring, safety protection, etc. of power supply and consumption information for 0.4kV low voltage equipment of distribution transformer.



l Distribution transformer monitoring: Real-time collection and uploading of voltage, current, temperature and humidity data in the station area

l  Automatic meter reading: Data collection of total meter in station area, to obtain the refined operation data of station area, the extendable broadband carrier reads the user’s meter data.

l Equipment monitoring: Automatic monitoring of equipment such as feeder switches and leakage switches in the station area.

l Intelligent reactive power compensation monitoring: Real-time data collection of intelligent reactive power compensation equipment.

l Micro-power wireless maintenance: Due to the complex environment of the installation location of the box, the terminal provides convenient on-site wireless debugging and upgrade.

l Three-phase unbalance management: Perform balance adjustment using commutation device according to the monitoring of three-phase unbalance situation in the station area.

l Fault location and indication: In-situ indication and automatic report by monitoring information such as its own status, external switch faults, etc.

l Safety protection: Information safety protection based on embedded security chip.


Technical Parameters:






Power supply




Rated voltage





Allowable deviation






Rated current





Precise measurement range
















Measurement accuracy








Active power



Reactive power



Power factor



inspecting power



Electrical measurement



Terminal static power consumption


≤10 VA


Power consumption


Voltage current Loop power consumption




Backup power


Super capacitor


Communication channel


RS485, 4G mobile, micro power wireless, Ethernet, carrier interface, USB